Practice makes perfect in sports and in life. Interval training is an integral part of track and field practice.

In 1990, it was not uncommon for athletes from Canada to attend schools in the USA on athletic scholarships. One young woman from Canada who I will call Joyce was super skinny with alabaster skin and rusty red bobbed hair. She was a half miler.

One day at interval practice, Joyce was outrunning many of the black girls in 200 meter sprints. After the series of interval sprints, the word was that many of the black girls who hailed from such places as NYC were visibly angry by this red headed upstart from the Great White North.

This practice prepared me for a pattern that I would observe for the next two decades, that pattern being that a red headed or blonde woman was never to outshine a woman of ‘color’, and if a fair haired woman does disregard this unspoken rule made by the cult of diversity, she will feel its wrath.

9 thoughts on “Practice

  1. Viking,
    Ronald Reagan is frequently quoted as saying “Facts are such stubborn things”.

    So it is with blacks and the purveyors of “diversity”. They can not stand it when reality does not conform to their idea of how the world should be.

    1. Right on. For nearly three decades, those members of the diversity cult have been manufacturing lies and promoting these lies via the Jew run media. These lies are also be preached by the elite and political class in universities.

      Critical Race Theory and White Privilege are facets of the ‘big lie’. This lie conjures up images of fair haired white women lying on chaises eating Bon bons.

      It is interesting to note that many of the best milers and distance runners throughout the world are fair haired ladies. Mary Decker Slaney and Suzy Favor Hamilton are just two women that come to mind.

      Anglo-Saxon, Celtic, Eastern European, and Russian women have contributed greatly to sports.


  2. Your phrase, “cult of diversity,” is so accurate. We are living in a cult-like society in which no criticism of racial minorities is allowed. The cult blames a million extraneous factors for the failures of our black and brown citizens, but never lays the blame where it belongs–on them. Blondes are demeaned by the label “dumb blonde,” and that’s perfectly acceptable to the cult, but the phrase “dumb blacks” would cost you your job and possibly your life if said in public. Like all cults the cult of diversity will eventually self-destruct, but in the meantime the damage it does is enormous.

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      Ugh! Just have an I phone so its hard at times… More material tomorrow!

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    2. I wish we could save the word “diversity” to refer to the extremely richly-textured diversity we have among the diverse white American peoples. Somehow propaganda has silenced our public memories of our ethnic, religious,and national origins diversity. The monsters of media defamation have a huge taboo against mentioning, much less celebrating, our diversity, while they verbally whip us on to celebrate everyone else’s diversity.

      White American diversity wasn’t even an issue until the Sixties…it was just assumed to be a valued aspect of our lives, and was talked about a lot as we met each other and talked about our backgrounds. That still goes on, but you have probably never read about our diversity in any public media expect perhaps a small village newspaper since the Seventies.

      It’s one of those things we haven’t noticed that was filched from us in the dark of night. The reason it was silenced is because the taboo insists that we are clones, and boring clones, of each other and really, really need “racial diversity” instead of what we might call “white American diversity” which we used to enjoy and celebrate. Its suppression from public memory has gone hand-in-hand with our denigration and defamation, known as the anti-white narrative.

      Then-US Senator Barack Obama summed it up perfectly in a radio talk he had two days after his celebrated speech on race in 2008 when he called his grandmother, “a typical white person.” Inserting any other group’s name in that phrase would bring down wrath on the speaker’s head, oddly not even one elected white American politician has ever spoken out about that insult.

      We have a section in our online syllabus on white American diversity in the “Stereotype” section:

      1. Thank you so much for your response. I am going to access the syllabus and the section titled “Diversity”.

        It is my belief that our diverse identities within white culture, specifically the middle and working class white culture, were intentionally eradicated. Many people of European descent coming to America searching for a better life bought into the idea of the “melting pot” as they believed that they would be afforded more opportunities for advancement in their quest for the American dream. Instead what has happened is that many middle class and working class white people have been displaced from their cultural roots and have lost their sense of identity, hence lending them to feel vulnerable and disconnected.

        It is no secret that Arab slave traders would make their slaves eunichs such that they could never reproduce.

        Whites have been eunichsized of their culture and their birthrights. Some have worked so long and hard that they forget or unable to have children as they have bought into the false idea presented by the corporate elite that all that matters is money and prestige and that family comes second.

        Working class and middle class whites must put family and their culture first in order to insure our survival.


  3. Another sport story.

    A friend of mine has a son who was a very,very good basketball player. His son was invited to and participated in a special tournement where college scouts, well scouted the best high school players in the area and offered them scholarships. My friend’s son played the best games of basketball in his life. Even the negroes were shouting his name because he was so fantastic. He was the star of the day.

    He did not get one offer from a college scout. Not one. The problem? He’s White.

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