Army Viking Down

Interesting how sensationalized Trayvon Martin’s case was, yet nowhere on the major media do we hear about this soldier.
This country and its Zio run government has no loyalty or concern for soldiers of White European descent.

4 thoughts on “Army Viking Down

  1. Another lovely blond (or was he strawberry?) white man genocided out of existence. I have to wonder whether his fair hair made him a particular target among the whole group of white soldiers. Seeing his friend and fellow soldier weep for him is heartbreaking and painful.

    Just two months before in the state of Washington, Molly Conley was shot by a black lunatic who’d been driving around and shooting up the neighborhood; she was walking with a group of six white girls on her 15th birthday. For some reason even pro-white sites didn’t notice the death of this young honors student.

    We must be vigilant and unrelenting in our pursuit of justice for these martyrs. Whites Unite!

    Prayers for their families, our precious white flowers cut down before full bloom.

    How many more have to die before we do something? Tevin Geike risked his life for his country. We dishonor his sacrifice with our passivity, and shame ourselves.

    1. Blonde or red hair stands out. Towheads and gingers are the canaries in the coal mine. We are noticed for this distinctly European feature and GeN e become the object of hate by DIEVERSITY.

      Note: Chechar’s blog has been running segments on the Aryan like features of the original Greeks. We have been targeted for genocide for thousands of years by the burly, swarthy people.

  2. The government is now saying that his murder was not a hate crime. The hate crime laws do not apply to blacks because as we know they are incapable of hate. Until the DAs in this country are held responsible for charging these animals with the maximum charges, justice will never be done.

  3. Nothing will change until we accept the fact that “racist” is a compliment to whites. It seems they are the only ones who understand that we have to fight to live, and fight to keep the country and bequeath it to our children. Many people who are quite obviously white are not proud of it and do not deserve to be honored by any association of “Viking” no matter how blond. These whites disgust me and I spit on them. Wanna accuse me of ‘racism’ because I am proud to be white? I will be glad to assent and proud of it. I love to state flatly that I love being white, yes it makes other whites do a double take but so what? I also have a great tee shirt with “Anglo Saxon on it in Gothic Print with .and it gets glances and brow furrows. I can’t wait for someone to say something about it. Heritage is a matter of pride. For me any way.

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