About Viking Bitch

I am a Nordic, Recovering From Amerikwanism Woman who finally in my fourth decade of life came to terms with my identity. Unfortunately, me describing myself as a Nord goes against everything American. America is the Anti White and there is a silent genocide being purported on American women who have Northwestern European lineage. Scan the photos of DieVersity’s victims in the USA and you will notice that both the women and men are fairhaired ( blonde, red) and blue eyed. Anti Nordicism is alive and well in the USA.

30 thoughts on “About Viking Bitch

  1. This is Annie Oakley from SBDL. I’m so glad you have a wordpress blog. I’ve been reading through the articles and they are fantastic! Your children are just gorgeous. Your blog is just wonderful. And I’m a blond too.

    1. Having blond hairs does NOT enough to be classified/recognized like Nordic man/woman by real genetic.
      You need also having nordic face feautures, blue or green eyes, nordic bone and muscle structure. I’m talking about muscles…then about brain too. It does mean nordic type of behaviour and life style too.

  2. Just wanted to say thanks for your blog. I’ve only been coming here about six months but it has been uplifting for me. Every time I come here I feel better. I usually try to read you once day. During the holidays I’ve found myself coming here several times a day. Once again, thanks for your writing.

  3. Distinguished Lady Viking Bitch,
    Congratulations for Your strong and courageous stand in defence of the Aryan Race. The excellent work that You are doing needs no tutoring, but if You permit some minor comment, it would perhaps improve the search for topics by including one or more tags with well chosen, relevant words, into each of Your writings. You might also create separate pages, where related topics could be listed and linked together, rather than just offering a chronological list from newest to oldest, as it is the case at present. Both capabilities are given by Word Press Web-logging software, and they do not require extreme technical sophistication. At any rate, please continue Your unique style of offering the World some pieces of a racial Truth that most public media prefer to hide. Fortunately, a number of Whites is awakening to our tragic reality. Thanks for being mother of White children, Lady. Dixieland for ever ! P. A. Stonemann, CSS Dixieland

  4. Viking I would like to share some links with you guys.
    For economy :

    Please do take time to read what the guys says about how they manipulate the economy. The articles are golden for how they manipulate lie and depict, the guys mike stathis also predicted the crisis in 2006 while everyone else was eating shi.

    WIki here

    Jewish gold shills accused him being jew because he told the reality. Is logical fallacy in order to discredit him.He is Greek and has videos in youtube.

    Names of all the jews who control the sectors and:


    Hopefully will get updated further for next elections and for new ceos of investment bankings, FCC, and media moguls, etc.

    The iraq war for isreal politics. Names of all jewish neconservatives who send us on war with iraq for jewis and Israeli polices in Afghanistan and rest .
    Also now they trying to attack iran and syria.

    Realjewnews.com Although jew he converted to Christianity and tell the names and the Jewish politics and who is behind who and what do they push.

    And finally david duke the guy has added an immerse info on the trash that is invading america and Europe and the polcies.

    You guys are not alone lot are waking up after opend borders and wall street crsis which bought politicians as jewish pussy obozo [there are plenty of links on how they chose him on chiago and walls street investment banks founds on 2008 2012 http://hotair.com/archives/2011/10/10/guess-which-president-has-raked-in-the-most-wall-street-bucks-in-a-generation/

    ], and hillary, and bill Clinton left and bush .

  5. I have a 7-page or so opinion piece with my view on race and blacks in America, including some stories backing up my position. I’m a middle-aged white man who’s tired of the ill behavior and the nuttiness of Civil Rights. Please e-mail me if you’d like me to send it: cornell9 earthlink.net

  6. “Anti White ” this term means someone or soemthing are against White skin color. White is just a color. What do you care if someone is going against latin race members, slavic subrace members or mongrels with White skin ???? CARE YOURSELF about your Nordic race roots only.

  7. Up from the rabbit hole of bloggdom. Your site is a deutschfolk uppercut. Tried and true trained by viking and germans. Keep your Ulfberht sword strong. As german instilled fierceness runs forever. Sons of Reich=FULL ON.

  8. “The checkerboard of knights and knaves, men will die ,man be saved, the sky will fall the earth will break when judgement comes to claim it’s day”. Put the spaten lager in the freezer wait for the sun setting This lyric is from wishbone ash argus album. Required listening. We stand strong. SONS OF REICH. Your welcome

  9. GOTT MITT UNS. There’s nothing left to say. Give us our space to create. Leave us alone. The enemy has their pants half down. The other half can be fed spam surreptitiously we will hit them in their self important blindsides. The answer is simple,on one side make them work. Remember? Work will set you free? The one thing they can’t do. Then feed them pork am thru the pm , give them female supervisors. I assure you brains will melt. SOR=FULL ON. Your welcome

  10. Achtung! Embrace your race. This is a call ! Turn off your tv . Pick up a shovel dig a hole Get a real gutsweat going and come to your senses. Talk to the frauleins ! Stop texting and engage our people. Buy a pair of workboots and put your tools to work. Create something. Iron and wood . READ. History . See it repeating itself. When they hiss racist. Reply. Hold that thought whilst i reload my mouth. Together we will either crawl or MARCH into valhalla. SOR=FULL ON. Your welcome

  11. GERMAN! Yeah we can build a world within a pile of rubble. So many songs to wake you sleeping vixens. It’s not a movement it’s just another fad , like a cry for help in a world gone mad, it’s falling all around us is it some kind of joke their trying to pull on us . SHUN, Your slavers, Marx. His name. Possibly Chaim herschel Mordecai. So a cultural MORDECAI? Does it matter? Think. Amorers refuse to sell to certain groups simple, boycott, it’s easier than you think. Everyday as they fill the ebt card carts whilst we downsize as they supersize, worship however you can . Sieze nature while you still can , love the cultural frozen white male. They have also been Marxified . Bloggers in the know. You can believe. But moldbug =moldstein. You can never return from free notherndom. It’s great but will take you to the depths of human questioning, brett stevens makes sense , the burning question will be Cambria Will Not Yield. At the risk of being a redundant. Risking it all for it all. SOR=FULL ON. Your welcome. And it has a double meaning

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