About Viking Bitch

I am a Nordic, Recovering From Amerikwanism Woman who finally in my fourth decade of life came to terms with my identity. Unfortunately, me describing myself as a Nord goes against everything American. America is the Anti White and there is a silent genocide being purported on American women who have Northwestern European lineage. Scan the photos of DieVersity’s victims in the USA and you will notice that both the women and men are fairhaired ( blonde, red) and blue eyed. Anti Nordicism is alive and well in the USA.

14 thoughts on “About Viking Bitch

  1. This is Annie Oakley from SBDL. I’m so glad you have a wordpress blog. I’ve been reading through the articles and they are fantastic! Your children are just gorgeous. Your blog is just wonderful. And I’m a blond too.

  2. Just wanted to say thanks for your blog. I’ve only been coming here about six months but it has been uplifting for me. Every time I come here I feel better. I usually try to read you once day. During the holidays I’ve found myself coming here several times a day. Once again, thanks for your writing.

  3. Distinguished Lady Viking Bitch,
    Congratulations for Your strong and courageous stand in defence of the Aryan Race. The excellent work that You are doing needs no tutoring, but if You permit some minor comment, it would perhaps improve the search for topics by including one or more tags with well chosen, relevant words, into each of Your writings. You might also create separate pages, where related topics could be listed and linked together, rather than just offering a chronological list from newest to oldest, as it is the case at present. Both capabilities are given by Word Press Web-logging software, and they do not require extreme technical sophistication. At any rate, please continue Your unique style of offering the World some pieces of a racial Truth that most public media prefer to hide. Fortunately, a number of Whites is awakening to our tragic reality. Thanks for being mother of White children, Lady. Dixieland for ever ! P. A. Stonemann, CSS Dixieland

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